July/August 2020 Survey Results




·     This survey was designed & carried out by a group of local residents.
       Details about how the survey was distributed and other details are in the full report. If you see anomolies in the summary results  - e.g. percentages that don't add up, refer to the full report!

·     The questions, while allowing people to answer how they wished and to express a full range of views, were not assessed to academic standards. So it has not been designed with the many types of technical ‘validity’ in mind – it is here to gauge opinion, nothing more.

·     While we have made big efforts to reach as many people as possible, we understand the limitations of an internet survey, and how it may fail to get responses from those with limited or no access to a computer.

·     As owners of the survey, we reserve the right to make our own observations about its results, and while we are happy to make factual corrections, we aren’t releasing the full dataset to anyone for their own analysis. We also have a duty of care to those who have responded - data protection considerations, in any event, would preclude releasing the data to third parties.

·     The combined area of Railton LTN houses in excess of 7500 people.  By definition, this survey is purely a snapshot of people’s views.